Mar 9, 2014

Adding multiple magnet links to rtorrent at once

I recently started using rtorrent for handling downloads on my Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. I came up with the following method for adding multiple magnet links at once in batch. This is assuming you've already put your Chromebook into developer mode and installed Linux in the crouton environment.

  • Write the following script in your Linux installation:

          for m in $(cat /home/bob/Downloads/Magnets.txt); do cmd=$cmd' '$m; done;
          echo "" > /home/bob/Downloads/Magnets.txt; 

  • Create a text file in your Downloads folder so that it will be easily accessible from both Chrome OS and from Linux.
  • Edit your text file using your favourite cloud text editor. Currently mine is Caret.
  • Copy and paste your magnet links into the text file. Each magnet link is on it's own line.
  • When you're ready to start your downloads, flip over to Linux and run the script.
  • You should see rtorrent start up with all your downloads.

I like this method better than installing a browser on the Linux side and starting the downloads the standard way. The browsers don't run as smoothly as they do on Chrome OS. This is probably not the case on the newer Intel Chromebooks. 

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